Can we do this?

  1. If I bought LVs from a power seller (my poupette recommended), I might sell them later on eBay. Can I mention the name of the seller for my auction? For example, "I bought this bag from let-trade few weeks ago..." something like this. Can I do it???
  2. I don't know if there is a 'rule' about this but a while back I bought a pair of shoes then realised they didn't work at all with my lifestyle etc. I sent an email to the seller because I wanted her to know it was entirely me being a frivolous, indecisive buyer that meant I was selling rather than there being any problem. I also asked if she minded me cross referring to her as my source in any listing. Worked out well and a number of potential buyers contacted me and said they had cross-checked my buying history and it gave them confidence to bid.
  3. I have never heard that you can't do this.
  4. Yes you can do this.
    I did it recently without any problems.
  5. Thanks for info.
  6. I would definitely ask the seller for permission first though because they might get e-mails from potential bidders and might not appreciate it if you hadn't given them a heads up...
  7. I have done this with no problem. The prior seller is happy because they get more people looking at their auctions. I would let the 1st seller know but you shouldn't have any problems.