can we do a headcount of coco cabas/baby coco cabas owner?

  1. curious how many of us has one, and in which color...thanks :smile:
  2. i have 2 baby cabas - bronze and dark silver:smile:
  3. I have a baby cabas in black leather;).
  4. hey, i just did a board search and found your thread, lucky you! i wish i could afford 2.
  5. I have one black baby cabas.
  6. I have teal, silver and black.
  7. i have a bronze baby cabas.
  8. Dark silver cabas is here!
  9. I have a black leather baby cabas. I :heart: it!!
  10. I have the khaki and black baby cabas.
  11. I have a teal baby.
  12. baby cabas in black leather:nuts:
  13. so right now we have:

    black = 5
    bronze/khaki =3
    dark silver = 3
    teal = 2
    white = 0
    navy = 0
  14. I have baby cabas in dark silver.
  15. one black baby cabas here.