Can we discuss the Dusty leather??

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  1. So, I received a Dusty/Silver spot Steady from an online retailer and it was really scratched up! I am generally not too picky about my bags but there were TONS of scratches all over it and it was very visible.

    The leather was gorgeous and really soft but the scratches were really visible and it wasn't what I was expecting from a new bag. So I explained the situation to the retailer, who told me that the leather is supposed to look and it is a "distressed effect." She said that Rebecca's showroom people told them that her intention was to make the leather look worn and distressed and that this would go away when it broke in.

    I am a little confused by this first of all because I don't think the Dusty leather looks distressed per se. I have a lot of bags and have had a couple with distressed leather which in my mind is a different, deliberate effect. This leather to me just looked scratched up. Second of all, I'm not too sure how scratches can go away with wear. Also, I am pretty sure I have seen other Dusty bags that did not have this problem, but I could be wrong about this or maybe I just didn't notice it.

    I sent this bag back. But my question is, those of you who have had bags in Dusty - does your bag show many scratches? Did it look this way when it was sent to you? Would you consider it "distressed?" When you treated the leather, was it able to prevent scratches?

    Any answers would be appreciated - because if I can find a bag that would come to me new and without scratches I would definitely look for one elsewhere, and I would treat it when I got it and be careful with it so it didn't get banged up looking. However, if this really is how they all look when they come to you from the warehouse, it might be better for someone who doesn't mind a more worn in look but for me I should probably stay away and get the bag in a different color.

    Thanks in advance Dusty experts :smile:
  2. ^The leather is just that way; super soft and smooshy, and prone to scratches. They rub right out with a bit of conditioner or even just using the pad of your finger.

    My Chocolate MAB is the same way. It has beautifully soft and distressed leather that scratches even when you run a finger lightly over it. Its supposed to be that way and makes for a beautiful almost "vintage' look. They rub right out and you can't even tell there was a scratch. By the way I love my Chocolate MAB!


  3. But did it come to you all scratched up when you first got it? Is that really how it is SUPPOSED to look or does it just scratch easily and need extra care/protection? Can anyone who has one comment on how it looked when it arrived?

    I just don't want a bag that is already scratched when I get it, KWIM? (I'm a little confused about this leather being considered "distressed" which to me is different)

    Thank you for your help as always :smile:
  4. ^Yep it came to me all scratched up, and they all rubbed right out. It goes with the distressed look of the bag. It all boils down to personal preference. Me? I love it!
  5. I did this with the tip of my fingernail with barely any pressure! The bag will get little scratches when you use it, that goes without saying. However, its all part of the "distressed effect", and remember they rub right out with the pad of your finger or a bit of conditioner!
    As you can see below, the bag looks like new and I've had it for over a year!


  6. LOL! Fun illustration. What color bag is that? It doesn't look like the dusty. ETA oops sorry I see you said it was the Chocolate :smile:

    On my dusty bag, though, the scratches didn't rub out. They definitely seemed permanent. I guess it is just the effect of the leather, but I seem to recall seeing other bags in Dusty that didn't have this problem at all. And none of my other RM bags have this. I am wishing now that I had taken pics before I sent it back, but oh well, I guess this answers my question. I should probably just get a Steady in a different color when the SS rolls around.
  7. ^Its Chocolate but the two leather are very similar; soft, squishy, and very distressed. Maybe try the Stone color; I hear its very durable and gorgeous!
  8. I have the dusty Plan B and yes,it did come will a bunch of scratches.

    At first,I was wth! and was ready to ship it back pronto..but a friend suggested buffing it out and once I did more scratches:smile:

  9. So does it always look scratched up when you are using it? I'm looking into something with dusty and I am just wondering. In everyones pictures it always looks so nice and I never see any of the marks?? Thanks!
  10. when my dusty came it was scratch free! It may get that way once I begin to use it, but no, it was beautiful and mark free. I just sent back another dusty that was scratch free also. But it does have that kind of leather that will probably get weathered looking, I don't know.
  11. Its definitely not going to stay that way once you start using it. It marks really easy. I would compare it to Mulberry leather that marks up easily, but eventually it all adds to the vintage-y patina that makes their bags more beautiful over time.
  12. Hmm....I've been mulling over a dusty/silverspot MAM, so this thread is relevant to my interests.....
  13. I have the dusty steady and mine did come with some scratches but I bought it from a tPFer who used it for about a week or 2. Since I have been using it for the past new scratches have been added. However, I did condition the bag and spray it with rain protectant. My advice is to condition it. I also can only see it if the bag is about a foot away from me. Right now it is about 6 feet away and I can't see any of the imperfections. But I am with Gung and I think it adds to the look and gives it a more vintage feel.
  14. there was one on ebay too, that was brand new, but the seller mentioned it was scratched a bit.
  15. OMG!! the first image loaded and it took the rest a while to load, and I was freaking out that you wrote your name on your bag!!

    But that is pretty amazing. Kind of reminds me of suede.