Can we discuss Dove?

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  1. I have really fallen for this color..thanks to the latest reveals. :smile: I have a jet set top zip medium tote (perfect everyday bag for me) in merlot but I wanted a different color.

    Would you consider this a year round color or more for spring/summer?

  2. I'd use it year round personally, beautiful colour.
  3. Totally year round! I have it in the Cindy Crossbody and would carry it all year. Love the color! It's more of a silvery gray. Go for it!

  4. Your reveal is the one that made me fall in love with the color!

    Thanks for the input ladies!
  5. I am loving Dove also! I haven't even seen it in person but I think I actually prefer it to Pearl grey :-/ for how soft a grey it is :smile:

    Come on ladies, spam us with your dove bags/wallets and make us drool

  6. Aww thanks! It's so much prettier in person!

  7. I'm loving Dove more than PG, at least in saffiano. I can't speak for soft leather.
  8. I have a dove top zip tote and, yes, I consider it a year-round color....

  9. Gorgeous bag, are you worried about colour transfer at all?
  10. Thanks. No, I'm not. I've found that if caught early, baby wipes remove color transfer easily....:smile:

  11. Oh that's good to know! I have only ever been worried about colour transfer on my coral items and protected them, no idea how much it will help but I pretty much live on dark jeans!

    Bet she's lovely to carry

  12. Beautiful!!!
  13. Thank you....:smile:
  14. I really wanted the dove Cindy xbody. Sold out at Macy's & can't find it anywhere.

    Has anyone seen it recently?? Or anything else in dove?
  15. Dove & Pearl Grey are both neutrals & can be worn year round.