Can we Discuss Belen Echandia Love Me?

  1. Okay, Here's my problem on the day.

    I was going back and forth between a BE, Love me, Petrol, dark grey or black crash. It seems that everyone loves the black crash and I decided on that one the other day. But, now, two things. I"m realizing that I wear a lot of brown, grey, blues in my wardrobe and am wondering if maybe the grey or petrol might go more with my lifestyle. I rarely wear black shoes either...

    But, the black crash looks different with the type of leather used. I think it's more slouchy/squishy and I love that type of handbag.

    Second issue, I think the black crash is completely sold out anyway. The dark grey is still available. So, should I just get the grey???

    Do you guys think the grey is as pretty as the black? Or should I wait until next year and just see if it comes back again. Ah, decisions......
  2. I vote for grey! I think it's a really versatile color! :yes:
  3. Thanks, I think I"m leaning right now toward the grey since the black's sold out anyway.

    I'm just wondering if I will like the grey leather as much as everyone loves their black crash.
  4. i never saw this bag, can u post pic?
  5. I don't have a picture, but, you can check her website, They are so pretty, I think you'll like them....
  6. Here's a pic. of the gray Love Me from the Muse Ten site:

    I think the gray looks very pretty and is a nice option given the colors you wear. I think the leather is more structured than Black Crash. Soomeone posted a pic. of the gray in the Love Me thread, maybe ask her if the leather has softened with use.
  7. If you love the crash leather (and I do), Jackie tells me that more colours will be available A/W 2008. I'm looking forward to that!
  8. it's a nice bag, but not fond of the straps :p

    i like the hold me though
  9. I have the black crash Love Me and I am loving it. After only a few days of use, it is "calming down" and I can see it will get much more pliable. It is a big bag -- good for use as a work or traveling bag. It seems indestructible -- strong. The crash leather doesn't mark at all. I think the fotos of this bag are not to be trusted, because the bag is stuffed with tissue. When you take the tissue out, and use the bag, it gets much more slouchy and easy.
  10. Is it me or does that gray look downright brown? I think if you wear a lot of browns and grays that it might make sense to go with something with a little bit of colour? Personally, I have the Love Me in purple and it goes with virtually everything. I don't see it available but I am really digging the pewter colour.
  11. I have the pewter and I love it! Also love your purple!
  12. Hi! Coming into this conversation late...I was the one who posted pics of the grey love me. Unfortunately, the flash on my camera (really, we have had a lot of rain up here and if I didn't use a flash it would be very difficult to see any picture!) makes the bag look browner in tone than it actually is - it really has more bluish undertones (compared with black leather jacket and grey wool jacket. All sitting atop a brown comforter):


    As far as softness, the bag has gotten much more pliable with use, but I doubt it will ever get to the "smooshiness" of the crash leather. This is great if you are looking for a more structured bag, but I imagine, if you are looking for leather that "melts", you may be a little disappointed, unless you use the bag daily for weeks (I rotate through lots of bags, so my BE hasn't seen the light of day as often as she should). The quality of leather is superb, it's just different to me...I put my Hayden Harnett Mercer Triple C in vintage leather (previous season's) as being one of my softer bags, and the BE Love Me in grey isn't like that.
  13. Thanks everyone. Okay, if you think that the grey isn't as soft/squishy as the crash leather, then, I'm going to call Jackie first thing in the morning and find out how/when I can get a crash leather.

    One of the ladies here mentioned that she heard new colors in the crash will be available in 08. Has anyone heard which colors?

    I"m going to be patient and wait. I think I'll be happier that way. But, I still think that all the colors are pretty and with this style handbag that none of us can really go wrong with the colors.....