can we clear up confusion on Reporter sizes?

  1. I've noticed in numerous threads over the past month that there's confusion/disagreement about the sizes of Cambon Reporters. I believe there's a Mini (apparently now discontinued), a Medium, and a Large. Will the Reporter owners take out a ruler and measure their bags and post here, to try and clear this up?

    Measuring along the back of my bag (possibly a Mini?), it's about 10 1/2 inches wide (not counting the pockets that stick out on the side), and 7 inches high. A pic of it is posted in this thread below...
  2. I responded to your other thread Jill!

    My beige/black Reporter is approximately 12" wide by 8" high. I have the medium, you have the mini, and there is also a "jumbo" which is huge!
  3. Does anyone have the jumbo? I'd love to see pictures of girls with either their jumbo or mini. In the other thread, I mentioned I saw a mini the other day, but I guess the rude SA wasn't willing to let me try it on!
  4. My reporter has the same measurements as yours. When I bought it last fall, my SA told me it was a mini.
  5. You should have beat her in the head. How dare she not let you try on a bag? Next time you go in, you should skip right over her to the next SA who is willing to help you.
  6. ^I was in Cleveland for a doctor's appt. I have very little patience for rude SA's, definitely one of my biggest annoyances ever. Hopefully when I go back in a few weeks she won't be there.
  7. I like the mini size.. :biggrin:

    too bad it was discontinued.
  8. Um... I think I saw the mini size at NM SF today, they have the black/black and beige/beige. They are sooo cute!
  9. Thats way out of order!! :rant:

    I havent measured mine, but on the receipt it says "30cm"