Can we buy sale handbags off of Gucci France (or other country?)

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  1. LOL :confused1::confused1: :graucho::graucho: There's a BUNCH of bags that actually went on sale in the US on the Gucci France website you see where I'm going with this or am I thinking too hard? LOL..
  2. Ooh.. Do you see better stuff at the other locations?
  3. ooh i'd like to know too! someone plez help!
  4. hmm I don't think so, only for people who live in France. When you read the Purchase Information (Conditions générales de vente) it states:

    Les conditions générales suivantes régissent les achats en ligne effectués sur le site par les personnes résidant en: France

    (look for the link at the right bottom of the page)

  5. no, i think the us version of gucci only ships within the us, the german within germany ecc.
  6. I don't get it...
    I don't see anything that is on sale under Gucci France... hmmm...
  7. i think i heard from another thread that european sales on gucci are later...

    thank you leslie for finding that out.