can we buy chanel form the 1800 number?

  1. can we do that?
    if we can, will they still charge sales tax?
    anybodt knows?
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  3. I dont know if you can buy with the 800 number, but if you have a chanel in your state, they are going to charge you tax.
  4. I bought my bag in Phenoix over the phone. I was charged tax because there is a Chanel store in my state.
  5. will chanel boutique in Saks count as chanel store? or only independent chanel store counts?
    and you can buy over the phone?
    iluvbags: thanks... your name is cute too. ours basically means the same..... :smile:
  6. Actually, what I meant to say is that I bought my Purse from the Saks store .... and I was charged tax... but again, there is also a Saks in MD... Sorry about the earlier post....
  7. No, if you order over the phone and there's no Chanel boutique in your state there shouldn't be any tax.
    Did you find one you want?
  8. you did not really clarify whether or not they will still charge sales tax if the only chanel boutique available is through Neimans and saks. can you clarify this?

    yes..... i do know waht i want. i am jsut trying to find out if they will charge me tax or not if i buy from 1800 number.
  9. if you live in a state with a chanel boutique and buy from the 800 number-you will be charged tax. so is there one in your state? if not, then I dont think there would be tax. anyone else?
  10. If you want to buy Chanel over the phone call 702-765-5055 ask for Carrie this is the boutique at the Wynn in Las Vegas. She is so nice and sweet will answer any question you have and you can buy from her.
  11. that's what I said! LOL!

    No, if it's in NM or Saks I do not believe they'll charge you tax as the SA's in those boutiques work for NM or Saks, noit for CHanel. KWIM?
    Unlike the LV boutiques within the dept stores.
  12. Anyone knows if the 800 no. will send out overseas, say to Asia?
  13. What's the 1-800 number?
  14. 800-550-0005

    If you call the Chanel 800 number and the sales associate is able to locate a bag for you they cannot sell the bag over the phone. Instead they will have someone from a Chanel store contact you within 24 hours. They will not even tell you where the bag is located. At least that has been my experience.

    It's easier to call a Chanel boutique. They can check the invetory of all US stores and they can handle the "charge-send" for you.

    If you live in a state with no free standing Chanel boutiques you should not be charged sales tax. Same with Neimans, Saks, Bloomingdales. Your best bet would be if you could find your bag at Bergdorfs because there is only one in the country (unless you live in NYC).:lol:
  15. There aren't any Chanel stores in NC. :sad: