Can Vibrato be spa'ed?

  1. The recent thread on vibrato has made me itch for one. However, I am concerned about the ability to clean vibrato. It seems that vibrato is a dirt magnet, given how many nooks and crannies there are in beween the leather pieces for dirt to hide out in. So... those of you who own vibrato, do you know whether vibrato pieces can go for spa at H?
  2. I vaguely remember there is a magic eraser for vibrato bags....
  3. ^^Yes, but the eraser doesn't really work. The eraser is very hard on Vibrato leather and it may destroy the leather. I would not recommend cleaning the bag on your own using the eraser.

    I've never sent my Vibrato bag for spa before so I can't really comment on this.
  4. I've been told that it can be spa'd.
    The eraser is like a suede eraser. I agree with Pursenality that it is not something that you want to use often. I've used it gently and it seems to work fine.
  5. ^wow! didn't know the eraser is..useless..:sad:
    glad they can be spa'd though.
  6. I've sent mine to the spa, and it came back much improved, specifically the dirt at the bottom corners.
  7. Whew! I'm relieved. I'm just getting used to TPF jargon. I thought you were going to neuter a Vibrato.
  8. Hi everyone :smile:

    This Birkin Vibrato is kinda nice ...

    Is it true that brushed/matte hardware is very rare?

    Also I would like to know why is a toile canvas birkin cost so much (I mean compared to those in full leather, they practically cost the same). Shouldn't they cost lesser?

    Hope you guys can enlighten me :smile: Many thanks in advance
  9. Yes matte hardware is pretty rare. I think mainly special orders.
    The toile bags are expensive because of the handworkmanship that goes into them. They are usually stitched in white which is less forgiving and thus more demanding to do. BTW toile Birkins are very light in weight, a great asset in a Birkin.
  10. Many Thanks to golconda, for answering my questions :smile: