Can Vernis Pochette be an everyday wallet?

  1. Hi,

    I was going to purchase the zippy wallet in Monograme today and then saw the Pochette wallet for the first time, and fell in love with it. I have decided to get the Pochette and not the zippy.

    I am so confused as I like the Monogram version, I also fell in love with the Vernis in Pomme D'Amour. I only have 2 concerns on the Vernis:

    1) color transfer
    2) scratches

    Can someone please tell me if I should got for the Vernis? This would be my everyday wallet. I saw it in Amarante too, I guess I will not have to worry about the color transfer on this one but the finger prints drive me nuts.

    Feedback would be much appreciated.

    Thanks a million.
  2. my next purchase is a Vernis Pochette Wallet in Amarante .. Great Unique color, perfect shape + size .. and no worries as for the color transfer and overall maintenance

    i say go 4 it =)
  3. I got it!
    I will use it everyday-my thinking is if I am going to pay that much for a wallet and I absolutely luv it -i am going to use it!
    I love the color and D...M THE PRINTS. I think it all goes to what YOU:p want-the color and size is TDF and everytime I open my purse and look at it-I will DIE!
    I plan on taking it out for 'trips' as a clutch as well!
  4. LABAG .. Congrats .. can we see some eye candy ?:heart:
  5. I've been using a framboise pochette wallet everyday for over a year and I've had no problems at all! It still looks color transfer, scratches, or any signs of wear :tup::yahoo:
  6. Thanks everyone....I am leaning towards the Pomme, maybe the Amarante.

    Anyone else with anything to add?
  7. i have the pochette in pomme and i love it so much i'm scared to use it everyday. i either use the tresor in mono or porte tresor international in damier. im super paranoid about color transfers so i just dont take that risk. let me know how it works out for your. i say pomme, i wasn't too impressed with the amarante!
  8. Same here! I used my Fuchsia one for about the same amount of time and it's still gorgeous.
    I changed when I got my Groom one for Christmas because it has a lot more credit card slots. :yes:
  9. I am flying to Calgary this afternoon and will visit the LV there tomorrow. I can't wait. I have been debating this for weeks and was leaning towards the Mono until I read the last 2 posts.

    I've always loved the Vernis line and would like to own it one day. Not sure about getting it in wallet as the color transfer issue freaks me out a little. I just can't see myself being careful at all times when I use it.

    I will decide when I see the wallets tomorrow. If I do end up with a Mono, I will for sure get a Vernis bag on my next purchase. Thanks all.
  10. surprisingly my sis who got her Rouge PTI (which is IMO the colour is slightly lighter that Pomme) for around 2 years or so and use it as her everyday wallet without ever switching to other wallet at all still look very pretty..

    it is amazingly beautiful still, no scratches, no discoloration eventhough my sis isnt kind of person that 'baby' her stuff.. However, the inside got sign of use though, the leather looks 'used'.

    everytime i see her wallet, it makes me want the pomme zippy even more :hysteric:
  11. It can be used as an everyday wallet. I use my pomme vernis cles everyday and just toss it on my bag and where ever no worries it still looks great. I've been using it everyday since feb :smile:

    If you're worried about scratches keep the dust cover in your handbag and just put in that :smile: