Can Vernis be reglazed or varnished

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  1. I've read here that mono can be reglazed, but not sure if Vernis can be revarnished. My Rose SS is begging for a face lift, she says she'll work the rest of her life if I give her a new handle to get rid of the sag and have her revarnished to a shiny clear coat again. She is very insecure next to her perfect new adopted lavender sister. I feel terrible. Does anyone know if I can revarnish vernis? I'm afraid SA's won't have a clue...:confused1:
  2. not as far as i know. you have to call 866 or go in and talk to a rep to be sure.
  3. im sorry, i meant manager, not rep.
  4. They cant really reglace, but they can do something to keep the bag colours at its best, unless is colour transfer problem
  5. No color transfer or problems other than it looks like varnish has dulled. I will take to Las Vegas in June to see if I can get a varnish to just make her more shiny, and I will definately get the handle replaced. Thanks for the info! She needs a little perk.
  6. sorry i doubt that it can be done :sad: