Can USPS track a package without delivery confirmation?

  1. hello,

    i am hoping that maybe someone on here can help me. i purchased a purse on eBay on feb 15 and paid immediately thru paypal. i still have not gotten it. the seller told me that she would send it right away priority mail.

    a week or so ago i emailed her to tell her that i had not gotten it yet. i also asked her for a tracking #. she replied saying she sent it out on either feb 15 or 16, but there was no tracking #.

    early this week she told me that she contacted usps and they told her that they could track it fully after 30 days from the date she mailed it. this does not make sense to me.

    does anyone know anything about this kind of tracking with usps.

  2. The tracking cost about $0.75. Without a tracking number, how could USPS track it? It doesn't make any sense.

  3. thank you, that is what i thought. she is adamant that they can do this.
  4. I agree. It sounds fishy too me. USPS cannot track a package w/o delivery confirmation. Maybe someone else can pitch in.
  5. Did she ensure the package? Also, ask her to email you the receipt to prove that she did in fact mail your package. If it's insured then she can initiate the claim with the USPS. If you didn't purchase tracking than there is no way for the USPS to track it. It sounds suspicious to me. You should file a claim with Paypal for item not received and have them start the process of getting the seller to prove that she sent the item etc. If you paid with your credit card you could also get them to reimburse your eBay transaction for item not received. Good luck!
  6. thanks for your help everyone. i do not believe it was insured. i did pay with a credit card so i can go though them if i have to do so.
  7. If you don't hear from your seller, I'd open a dispute and escalate it to a claim immediately. The sooner the better.
  8. you have to wait 30 days if a package is lost before you can file a insuarance claim
  9. I don't understand why sellers do this, DC is only .75 and if you can't prove it was sent you will not have PP rule in your favor, just someone being cheap and silly. It doesn't matter if I'm selling an expensive bag or an old pair of used jeans for $15, I always have tracking when I send packages.​
  10. DC is free if you use Paypal Shipping...
  11. no, there is no way to track it. if she doesn't have a valid form of tracking via USPS (delivery confirmation), then you can file an item not received claim and you'll probably win, if she can't prove that she sent it out.
  12. unless shes waiting for the package to get sent back to her but this is highly unlikely
  13. thanks for all the info. i appreciate it. i have already opened a dispute with paypal. i am going to escalate to a claim.