Can US Sellers Partially refund, via Paypal, whilst a Paypal Dispute is Open?

  1. I received a vintage BV bag that is in SNAD condition (pen marks, salt stains, water marks, darkening, wear, etc.), so I filed a dispute with Paypal (which expires in 2 days [on the 24th July]).

    The US seller agreed to give me a partial refund, but says she can't do that via Paypal unless I end the dispute (she says she can only give me a full refund); as Paypal have frozen her husband's Paypal account.

    I don't understand this, as when I had the same problem with a UK seller, she was able to refund me partially while the dispute was still open.

    Please can those of you in the US advise me on whether you can partially refund while a dispute is open?

    Any other advice will be gratefully received, also! :flowers:
  2. She must not have the money to refund you otherwise. That would be my guess. Because PP takes out the whole amount and holds it in escrow till a decision is made.
  3. The funds are frozen by paypal. However, maybe you should send paypal an email explaining what you've decided to do before cancelling the dispute. If you cancel and do not get the money back, you might have trouble reopening the dispute! If the seller has been honest, you'll most likely be fine.
  4. Ah, I see - so she would have to add the money from elsewhere to partially refund me?

    The thing is, I am obviously worried that if I close the dispute, she will then refuse to refund me...

    She is being very nice and says she doesn't have any experience with bags (that's why she made a mistake in the listing re. condition); but I feel it would be unwise to close before the problem is solved, anyway.

  5. That's a good idea. :tup:

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm worried about! :yes:
  6. Ok, I just remembered from my last dispute (I only had one) that she needs to close it, not you. There is a button somewhere on her end that says I'd like to offer the buyer a partial refund and then I think they refund you what she says and she gets the reamainder put back in her account.

    Tell her to log into the Dispute page and to try and find this option.
  7. whatever you do - don't close the dispute and if it doesn't work out before, escalate regardless. I mean the dispute has been open for about 20 days right? she had plenty of time to work it out. I am sure that if she indicates a refund somewhere the funds will be released. tell her to call paypal if she doesn't know where to look and best to do it before the time is up.
  8. not exactly, she my have to send paypal an email and it will take another week for them to close it for her. if you trust her, close it but let her know that paypal knows what her intentions are so she will follow through

  9. That's great, I tell her that now.

    Thank you! :biggrin:

  10. To be fair to her, I have been ill and I had to try to decide whether to return the bag for a full refund, or accept a partial refund (as I'm still not sure whether the bag can be restored to a reasonable standard), so things have moved slower than they might have otherwise done.

    I think you're right, though, I don't feel comfortable closing the dispute - not because I don't trust her, personally, but just because it seems a bit risky in general, if you KWIM?
  11. OK, I've sent her an email saying that there may be a button at her end, or she may have to send Paypal an email.

    I'll see what she has to say. If she doesn't get back to me within the next couple of days, I think I will escalate, just to be on the safe side (and to buy time).

    Thanks everyone for your help! :flowers: