Can U Tell?

  1. Sorry for the pix size, got a new program and somehow the pix are kind of small:sweatdrop: ? This post contains many pix of Super Fake vs Authentic, the patina-yes, the super fake have the same leather smell and patinas- is the Super Fake that had my fooled for 4 years (so does the SA@ LV!), and the pale vachetta is my new Auth Sonatine.

    Even the lining are the same material, the only difference I can tell is the Super Fake is silghtly wider, and the handles are a tab thicker, other than that, I really can't tell apart the difference.
    Can U Tell.JPG Can U Tell 2.JPG Can U tell back.JPG Can U Tell back2.JPG Can U Tell back 3.JPG
  2. more to come...
    Can U Tell Date.JPG Can U Tell Date3.JPG Can U Tell Mono.JPG Can U Tell Mono2.JPG Can U Tell Side.JPG
  3. last batch. So what do ya think?
    Can U Tell Vach.JPG Can U Tell Vach2.JPG Can U Tell Bottom.JPG
  4. This is REALLY scary, I've been lookin at LV pieces for almost 7 years now, and I would not be able to tell that isn't authentic.

    After viewing this, I can't help but start to believe the persistent rumor I always hear that some of LV's materials come from China, and that the final stitching is done in France/Spain/USA. And because of this, some of the factories in China have shady deals with counterfeiters to sell them the same exact material, leather, etc. and the methods of production and hence these superfakes exist.

    I guess I should refrain from buying Monogram canvas pieces at second hand shops or eBay!
  5. don't feel bad, MPRS, both regular and Senior SA @ my local LV can't tell apart either :sweatdrop:
  6. Putting ur LV knowledge to test, Which Date Code pix is from Super Fake and which is from Authentic?

    The first Date code pix is from Super Fake and the second pix is from Authentic, i use the same setting, distance, angle and lighting, but somehow the Super Fake come out better than Authentic.....
  7. the main difference i can see is the piping are different thicknesses (Sp?) The stamp on the inside is different but there is NO way you would think anything of it if you had not have compared the two! From the outside it is hard to tell imo, but im a LV virgin so i dunno!!!
    Anyway congrats on your new bag its lovely!!!xx
  8. :wtf::wtf::wtf:omg! scary!
  9. Thanks Luva Pug! Now I will just have to figure out a way to answer if pp ask why the patina vachetta turned PALE! :wtf:
  10. Wow, that is extremely scary. I'm not an LV expert or anything but I would of thought that "Super Fake" was authentic. :sweatdrop:
  11. Wow.... that is amazingly scary. :wtf:
  12. :wtf: :wtf: :push: That is too scary! I know I'm still a LV novice but I couldn't see ANY differences really between the two! There were a few threads before about people maybe even returning superfakes to the stores, and the SAs not being able to tell the difference??? I didn't believe it at the time but this is just horrible!
  13. the O in louis vuitton is rounder for the second pic than the 1st. the real one is the 2nd right?
  14. that is SUPER scary .. omg ... i am glad that you were able to get a new one... did you get your repair money bak?
  15. I knew it the stiching was wrong all along there shouldn't be four stiches on the bottom of the handles and the piping on the fake is smaller and color variation is off and the close up pics of the monogram are the same used in all fake bags but real vachetta now that's scarry...