can u tell me please

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  1. what is the name of this specific bag and what is the name of the collection?
    i think it was on the spring\summer of 2006![​IMG]
  2. This is the Linda Scarf bag in Fuchsia.

    The name of the collection is Monogram Charms.

    I looooooooooooooooove that alligator trimming!!! :drool:
  3. :drool:
  4. Lol! that was some quick response time, John!
  5. thank u very much!
  6. I love that bag..they had a black and beige-ish looking one at the SCP store awhile ago. I don't know if they still have it though.
  7. Wow - gorgeous bag!
  8. wow:drool: i saw it in da' runaway en :heart: it! Not sure if giselle carry it on the ad or not:confused1: I saw her carry 1 of this line's bag when she accompany MJ at HK trip this summer. Soo pretty:love: , do you own it yuDa398?