Can u tell difference between $1000+ bag vs $500 bag?

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  1. Besides designer name and recognition due to massive advertisement, are there really any differences between high end and mid range bags? If so, what are they? I have a bag that retailed for $990 and I have one that retailed for $400 and I honestly can't see a difference in the leathers or the worksmanship.:sad:
  2. I think once you go over $500, you start paying for the name and design as opposed to quality only. JMHO
  3. I think it depends on the bag. Beside soft leather, most high end bags have better hardware, duller finishes (i.e., brass instead of shiney gold), straight stitching,etc. A lot of high end bags also have better lining (suede or leather instead of fabric).

    There are bags around that have some of the higher end features such as the Botkier Bianca which retails for $600. It has soft leather, nice hardware, and suede lining.

    I have also seen several bags that are $1,000 and above where you are only paying for the name. For example I found a Donna Karen at Nordstrom (not DKNY) that retailed for $1,000 and other than dull hardware I really couldn't tell the difference between that bag and a $300 bag. Both had similar leather and fabric lining and nothing that really said it was $1,000 other than the name.

    There are other bags over $1,000 that I think are much nicer than a $500 bag. For example, many of the Prada leather bags are lined in leather. The BV bags are really nicely made with intricate leather details and suede lining.

    The other place where I think the money makes a difference is with exotic materials like snake, croc. The $500 bags are usually embossed leather instead of the real skin. Some are close replicas but they don't feel quite the same.
  4. I can barely tell a difference between low-price range bags (less than $100) and any of the other more expensive ones. So I'd be hard pressed to find a difference in the upper range bags. At a certain point, you really are just paying for the name.
  5. I think if you put Hermes next to a 10 dollar bag you will notice a huge difference.:P So, I don't agree with the above statement. Quality of leather, like others said, stitching, hardware, lining of bag are all factors. However, the OP asked about 500 vs 1000, so maybe we can get a member to compare those two price range handbags?:graucho:
  6. My new LV was very expensive (to me anyway) and it's denim. A year or two ago I would have looked at it and thought it was 200 tops. I still can't believe what some bags are going for.
  7. I think it really depends on the bag. In some cases you're very much paying for the name. However, I can tell a difference in the leather between one of my $1200 bags vs. my $2300 bag. Very much depends. I wouldn't say that the more expensive one is necessarily *worth* that kind of mark up and I am paying for the name of course but the leather is of extremely high quality as well.
  8. Will you try to describe the $2300 leather in comparison to lets say Bulga leather?
  9. I can tell the difference in leather and hardware on a (just for example) $30 bag in TJMaxx compared to my bags but in my own collection...nothing stands out as superior to all the rest kwim? Maybe they're all in the same league? But some did cost a lot more than others.
  10. I can't in response to the Bulga bag (don't own one) but in general, this leather (while treated) is obviously very thick and you can tell it's durable but it's still extremely soft, but it doesn't scratch easily. It's basically the best of both worlds in my opinion. I wouldn't say it's super soft like say, Ferragamo or BV, but I like it. I can also tell a difference in the hardwear vs. that of some of my other bags.

    I do want to say that I don't think price is always an indicator of quality whatsoever though. Very much depends on the bag.
  11. I think it's the little details that are different between a Coach and a higher end bag. I like my Coach it may have a stitch off but that would be it. I think you are paying for the name and now even Coach is over the 500.00 mark when it comes to some stuff. I paid 698.00 for my Coach Legacy Satchel....but on the same note I paid 620.00 for a LV Damier and it's not all leather so sometimes I know in my's all about the name. I would pay for a Birkin if I wouldn't wind up alone and without my children...DH said the only way I get a Birkin is to win the lottery and buy him his dream car first.
  12. I agree with this. After taking into consideration of workmanship, materials, advertising etc you are going to be paying for the privelege of carrying an exclusive brand which due to it's price excludes most people.
  13. Eh, I'm not really into Hermes...and I'm not a label addict, either, so naturally I really don't keep up with different makes and models to the extent that a lot of women do. If I see a purse that I like I buy it, because I love bags period, but I don't necessarily believe that the more expensive a bag is the better quality it is or the more well made it is. Maybe that thought stems from reading some of the threads in this forum, however. Seems like just as many people are trying to get Louis Vuitton bags repaired as there are trying to get Dooneys repaired.
  14. Well, comparing Coach leather to Balenciaga, I find Balenciaga better - which makes the price justifiable.
  15. I have to say I can't tell on all of them - I can definitely tell on some of them.

    Sometimes depending on the leather they use, the way they stitched everything together, and the hardware (I notice the hardware is usually a dead giveaway for the value in most part)

    I think I have to actually see the bags to actually say if I can determine if I can tell if they cost more or not...