can u.s. citizens travel to cuba?

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  1. Dunno if the US agents give someone's tan a second thought with tanning salons, bronzing lotions, and many ski areas across Canada anyway?? I doubt they'd automatically think "Cuba!!" :lol:
  2. I know :P

    I was just thinking about when you see people in the airport who are all tan, wearing flip flops and hawaiian shirts and you can tell they've been somewhere tropical.. and then those people being like "Yeah, we were vacationing in.. erm.. Winnipeg!" :lol:
  3. I know, right? :lol:

    You never know where people have been, especially if they are simply transiting through an airport - could be coming from anywhere.
  4. I was talking to someone about this just last night, and they mentioned that there had recently been an agreement between Canada and the US, where Canada agreed to not help Americans go to Cuba anymore. She said that when her friend tried it, they wouldn't allow her on the plane with a US passport. I was really disappointed, since I wanted to go with some of my friends (they're American, I'm not), but now none of them want to deal with the hassle. Anyone know if my friend was right?
  5. An (american) friend went there via Mexico.
    Please be very careful if you do go.
    There is no American Embassy there to help you, though after my friend was robbed of her money and passport, it was in fact the Canadian Embassy who came to the rescue.

    I would love to go there one day and hope it opens up again for their citizens and for the rest of the world.
  6. I go there on a regular basis......from Google Earth....
  7. ^THAT IS NOT THE SAME! :nuts: I love Google Earth.
  8. Someone in my spanish class did a presentation on Cuba and he said that travel is prohibited. You can no longer go through Mexico or Canada, it says that on the state dept website. You have to get special permission from the government to go to Cuba and it can only be for things like government, journalism, research, academic, etc.
  9. ^ You can still go. You just have to do it through neighboring islands.
  10. Yes you can still go, but it is illegal to do that. ^^^
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    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    Technically, it is not illegal to go there. It is illegal for Americans to spend money there.