can u remember I asked speedy25 or ellipse pm...

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  1. Well my new to me monogram ellipse pm arrived today and I love it :heart: so my trusty speedy 25 is now on eBay :sad:

    as I need to fund the ellipse purchase.I love the neatness,shape and the way it opens really wide over the speedy 25 even though the speedy is a classic.The zipper opening seemed too much hassle for me on the 25 :tdown:
    My camera batteries have died but I'll post pics soon :yahoo:

    PS MODS let me know if my link to eBay is not allowed and I'll remove it asap,thanks ;)
  2. heres a couple of cell phone pics.Excuse the balancing on a chair but my lights and mirror are better in my bathroom :nuts:
    For reference I'm 5ft 1 and just under 140lbs
    ellipse 002.jpg ellipse 001.jpg
  3. Congrats on the new-to-you Ellipse!!! :tup:

    I edited out the eBay link as promoting your own eBay item is not allowed.
  4. Oops sorry :shame:,I'll bear that in mind for future,wasn't too sure,thanks :smile:
  5. congrat... great on you..
  6. ohhh so cute
  7. congrats! i love the ellipse!
  8. Congratulatoins!
  9. looks great, enjoy!
  10. Congrats on your ellipse pm! I too love this more than speedy 25, the shape is one of a kind in Louis!
  11. Very nice, congrats! Sorry you are parting with your speedy!
  12. I love the ellipse! Congrats!