can u ladys help me out??

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  1. hey everyone im looking to get my first LV and I would like to get one for cheap b/c im a begginer I love big bags and im into chanel and coach latley does any 1 have any ideas?

  2. well it depends on whether you want a handheld or shoulder bag. and if you want one cheap then you can get a used one
  3. Like sandra said, you need to narrow it down to shoulder bag or handheld. I don't know the meaning of "cheap" because you said you are into Chanel. Chanel bags are more expensive compare to some of LV.
  4. ^ita.
  5. more into the Handheld :smile:

  6. define "cheap"....what is your budget?
  7. You can always try out the speedy 30...spacious, cheap (compared to other LV bags), and a classic.
  8. uner $100:rolleyes: is that normal lol
  9. do u guys have any websites that I can trust?
  10. OK..sorry did you miss 0 ?? The reason I asked because you said you are into Chanel, so it's impossible under $100, right?
  11. wel that dosent mean i go n spend thousands of dolars on handbags I have 1 chanel handbag and that was a gift from my parents, other then that I only by coach and im starting to get bored. I know many people that got LV for undrt $100 and believe it or not they were real :smile:
  12. even a keychain cost 200 dollars.. n you want a big bag tat's under 100?? tat's crazy!
  13. Wow, I'd love to know these people who get LVs for under $100...the "cheapest" LV I've ever bought was $75 but that was a vintage and it was only once (and it's not a big bag).

    I hate to say this, but it's really difficult to find a big bag in the $'re lucky if you find a big bag for $200...
  14. theres many thrift shops and if u get lucky u can find 1 on ebay that needs a lil work and is authenthic.
    and its not like these are fake.
  15. why don't you spend 100 bucks on a more stylish bag that isn't lv then? i mean getting bags repaird cost a bunch of money also, like the leather thing cost 300 bucks at the least.