can u identify Kates Scarf on this Chloe bag?

  1. I cant figue out what it it Cavalli?? any help would be great.
    betty1.jpg betty2.jpg
  2. I'm sorry, I wish I could help. I just had to say I am JEALOUS! No one should be allowed to look that great effortlessly AND have such a gorgeous bag to boot!!:lol: :love:
  3. Hard to say from that pic! :biggrin: It may be by Stella McCartney - one of the main fabrics in her S/S collection, was a cool, chain print ( printed with Stella's own, favourite, white and yellow gold chains).

    Alternatively, Kate wears a lot of vintage items; so it could easily be something from the '70s. :yes:
  4. thanks for all your help...will have a closer look at stella's collection