Can u help me with Chloe Betty Lg. Satchel?

  1. hi......yesterday I bought a Betty Large Satchel In Chocolat. I love the design of the bag with the zip pockets etc. but I am second guessing the color. Originally I had the white in my hand, which I think is beautiful. But a shopper came up to me and said after spending all that money I would regret the white because ALL white bags look unsightly in about 3 months no matter how careful you are. They yellow, get dirty, etc......

    Now these are goatskin, so I dont know if they can be cleaned or not??

    I guess I just want to know, does anyone have this bag and which color do you think is best? I also found a metallic pewter on-line, but I dont know if that is really my style. Does it come in any other colors. Does anyone love their chocolate one?

    Also, if their is any reason to stay clear of the bag, let me know as well. Thanks for ANY feedback!! giselle (i am am having a bad week and not thinking too clearly):sad:
  2. I'm waiting to get my chocolate medium tomorrow. I can't wait! I have the chocolate silverado and love the color! I guess it's just a matter of what you wear. I wear a lot of neutrals and I lean towards brown handbags. The only white bag I have is the Dior Gaucho. I could never keep white clean. My Gaucho is even dirtier than it was when I bought it and I'm pretty gentle with my bags.
  3. hi gottashop.....thanks! i just called a Chloe boutique and realized I actually have the medium too. She suggested I keep the chocolat because I wanted to use the bag year round a lot and she felt the white would not be as versatile. When you get yours, can you post and let me know how you like it? I would love to hear you feedback! thanks again! giselle
  4. I have it in tan and love it. The leather is delicate, there have been posts here already about dye transfer which hasn't occured with mine as yet but is probably a possibility down the road. I did get some dirt on it and managed to remove it with a baby wipe which having a 6 month old I have readily available!! Now I tried it first on the bottom to see if it was going to damage it further but luckily it just cleaned it up with no residue or marks. I don't have any white bags because it'd make me so paranoid and now with a tiny tot I doubt I will for a while.
  5. That's good to hear about the baby wipes, girlie! Yes, I could never have white with my Gaucho is enough of a headache!

    I think the chocolate brown is a beautiful color. The SA told me it's the same color as the silverado chocolate brown. I love my silverado's color. It's very versatile. Your SA is right about the chocolate. I live in Las Vegas and I still won't carry white bags in the winter. I know that there's no more fashion rules, but it still feels strange to me when it doesn't really go with my fall/winter clothes of rich earth tone colors.
  6. You live in Vegas? Me too!!!:biggrin: What a small world!
  7. Oh my!!! It is a small world! Have you ever seen anyone with a Betty or Edith out here? I haven't. I've seen a few Paddingtons and maybe 1 silverado down at Fashion Show. It's LV land here!!
  8. Girlie and Gottashop.....I just gave my chocolate bag a really good look in the light in my home (instead of the dim lighting in dept stores) and it is truly beautiful!! I think you nice ladies and the SA are right and I will keep this great color!!! Thanks SO much! Still let me know what you think when yours arrives gottashop, ok? Much happier now! giselle:biggrin:
  9. I will, giselle. I should have it was coming by 2 day air. I got mine at that great sale kirna was having over the weekend....30% off. For once, I managed to get a bag that I've been lusting after on sale!!!
  10. Never seen anyone else with an edith or betty - do you have both too? Tee hee we'll know each other instantly if we see ever one or the other! :roflmfao: It is so LV over here! BTW congrats on the betty!:flowers:
    Giselle I am so glad you are loving her, I think the betty's underappreciated!
  11. Funny thing's so FAKE LV here!!! That's all I see. That's why I will not carry LV anymore. I know it's kind of lame, but it just made me sick seeing all the fakes. I have my khaki graffiti speedy left and I sold the rest on eBay. I'm thinking real hard about getting an Edith. I want the whiskey, I think. I have a chocolate spy, so it'd be nice to have the whiskey. Betty should be here tomorrow.....I can't wait!!