can u guys imagine me ordering this?

  1. an SO damier batignolles? recently been wanting a bag without a zipper...
  2. hmmmmm. can you see you ordering this? what about it in the mono dentelle that's coming out?
  3. i don't like mono.....
  4. i tried to so a damier bh. they never called me back but i hear it can't be done
  5. i thought we could not SO batignolles styles yet? if you can, great and i love it!
  6. give it a try rensky!!! :nuts:
  7. I'd love a damier batignolles! But I've heard too that they can't be SO'd yet :shrugs: I think it'd look really pretty though!
  8. alrite, i'll try!!!
  9. That would be great! Go for it :graucho:
  10. If you can SO it go for it....or you could try an Epi Passy, it has a similar shape and style.:smile:
  11. the epi passy is really nice..but too formal for me.....

    plus it's really too big...

    i like the smallest batig...

  12. Batignolles is too new to be a SO yet.
  13. hi rensky.... i have a can cam magz lv style book.. there are a pics that shows batignolles will be ok with damier line... so just have a try.. i will try to scan the pics for you...
  14. scan it already :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


  15. Yes, I can. Kindly update us if you're successful. Good luck!