Can toile be pre-treated against stains-HELP!

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  1. Hi all! I usually don't ask much as I am always an observer of other members beautiful purchases. I don't live anywhere near a boutique but do have the ability to shop online at

    I am considering purchasing a natural toile/leather garden party tote from I am very concerned about ruining it by getting it filthy.

    I did a search of tpf and saw that toile can be cleaned with soap and water, magic eraser, pencil eraser, etc. but want to know if there is some kind of treatment that can be applied to the toile BEFORE I use it so it will be more stain-resistant.

    Can toile be scotchguarded without staining it or spotting the leather? I am looking at the GP with black or brown leather.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!!!:heart:
  2. My understanding is that the toile is already treated by Hermes. I would only call them and ask about further treatment. I think if you are truly concerned about dirt, that perhaps a canvas bag is not the best choice. I have two toile bags and do not mind the occasional dirt mark--but I would freak if someone dumped a glass of red wine on them!
  3. Thanks for the reply, castorny! I am not as concerned about surface dirt which is easily wiped/washed away-I am more concerned about the biggies-I have a BF who always seems to splash soda, food, ice cream (esp chocolate) on himself and usually gets a little on me.....I adore him and carry a tide stain stick with me in my purse for this reason:rolleyes:

    Problem is, I don't live near a boutique to get an all leather bag, so I am stuck with the choices on the hermes website, which are all canvas and leather, which I do love anyway-very timeless and classic.

    Thanks again for the info!:P
  4. I'm sure if you call the right store they will be happy to ship to you.
  5. ggirl, maybe you should think about the colored fabric GPs?
  6. Good idea, but I'm just not a fan of the colored GPs (sorry). I like the crisp classic look of black and natural or brown and natural toile-I suppose if my clumsy but sweet BF makes that bad of an oops I could always make him ship it to NY for service, if they do that by mail.

    I'll be in Boston next week so if I can squeeze some time in before I have to go to the airport I can visit the boutique and see what they say...:girlsigh:
  7. I used to have a Vespa in toile. My jeans messed with it and left a blue stain on the bag. I could remove the stain by soap and water. But it left a water mark. The local H shop told me it could not be mended. Since I like the Vespa with jeans only, I figured toile is not for me and I sold the bag to a re-seller.
  8. ggirl, I had asked my SA about scotchguarding my new toile Kelly and the response I got from her was :s. She said that that toile that has been scotchguarded, will be terribly difficult to wash, if it did indeed sustain a bad stain. Leave it au naturel, and choose your occasion well, when to use toile,
  9. Thank you castorny, lulilu, Lutz and mrssparkles for your honest opinions and feedback-I think I may need to re-think my H strategy....

    mrssparkles, I am glad you asked the salesperson about the scotchguard in particular as well-that is the first thing I thought of doing since the GP is such a casual everyday bag.
  10. this thread may change my first H bag.

    I've been hearing about the unpleasantness of jeans with toile but I kept on ignoring it until I realized I wear jeans most of the time, and I put my bag on my lap when I'm taking public transportation, and it rains a lot here in Denmark so... I wouldn't want to make the toile part blue.

    barenia/toile bags are gorgeous but maybe they're not for me at this point. darn.

    thanks for this thread, ggirl.
  11. Maybe by the time your bag comes around, the dark denim fad will have . . . faded? LOL.
  12. ggirl,

    i scotchguard on my garden party when i first got it without any problems. mine is brown and natural toile, so far so good.

    i do wear my old denims with it and the rub-off has been minimal. i use a standard stain remover when i get dirt or food stains on it and they come off easily.

    this thread reminds me that i need to scotchguard my bag again, it's been 2-3 years since i did it the last time.:rolleyes:

  13. lol
  14. I don't have any hermes bag in toile. But two days ago I was in the store and there was a beautiful :rolleyes: 35 birkin in toile and swift biscuit! and I said to the SA oh it is beautiful but the toile will get dirt easily.
    Then she showed me her own garden party in toile and said she carried it a lot, for two years, and it looked new and was very clean...
    I have some toile bags from Prada, Loewe and GuccI, and when I needed to clean a cloth humid with water ans amoniac? was enough.
    Maybe you should't try to clean an Hermes bag yourself as I do with these bags of mine, but if you love toile garden party I would just buy it and enjoy it.
    Just don't wear it with dark denim...
    You don't have necesary to have it stained with anything. Accidents may happend with all types of bags, so...
  15. Thank goodness I found this thread. I carried my blue france toile kelly out today and naively wore it with my indigo jeans and i discovered some colour transfer on the toile :crybaby:it seems to come off with a normal pencil eraser but i'm heading to ebay to buy the magic eraser right away for precaution.