can toile bags be dyed?

  1. suppose you got a gorgeous toile bag in light cream color and you got a stain on it? I think you can bring to hermes to try to have cleaned but suppose that doesn't work. Can the toile be dyed by Hermes to a darker color to disguise the stains?:confused1:
  2. hmmm...maybe! never hurts to ask? but if they had to take apart the bag to dye the toile they'd prob say no. too much work :sad:
  3. You might find a shoemaker who would be willing to give it a go, but in an ideal world you should have a sample piece to see how the dye will take to the fabric.
  4. They might have to take the bag apart and restitch? If they do do it that way the cost might not be worth it.
  5. I think I better stick to my original plan and not go with a toile bag in the future. They are so darn pretty but I'm just too messy!
  6. But RC, they are sooo beautiful!
  7. ^^Ugh! I know!!
  8. They are SO easy to clean yourself, and Hermes do a great cleaning service, too, RC!!

    I would say no on the dying, because the toile is generally leather-lined, and would have to be removed to be coloured properly. Theoretically you could, though...that type of fabric blend can be dyed, but the "coating' would need to be removed first.

    You'd be surprised just how hardy toile H really is. It's actually fire-hose material.
  9. yup toilse is hardy and very easy to clean yourself. but the toile is coated so it can not be dyed as it won´t take(absorb) the color . BUT if you really manage to destroy it h can replace it
  10. RC I know what you're thinking.......and if you're anything like me and have a problem with things like....oh.....olives, red wine and curry then stay away from the Toile......LMAO!!!!

  11. Oh, I am so much like you! I am a magnet for red wine and curry!:shame:

    Your are right....must stay focused....must stay focused....