Can Tiffany jewllery be sold cheaper?

  1. Does anyone know if Tiffany jewellery can be sold for cheaper than official store or online prices. We found someone who is selling the stuff for half price and she has a catalogue for everything from tiffany!

    Any thoughts would be great?
  2. There are a lot of fake sellers of Tiffany jewellery. They don't do catalogues with cheap prices
  3. I was actually wondering the same thing. I have come a cross a few websites that are offering "Authentic Tiffany" jewelry at lower prices. They say "100% authentic guaranteed or your money back" so I guess it may be worth the chance, but I can't decide if its worth the aggravation?

    Has anyone ever bought anything from Rich Lustre. Pure Luxury. ?
    if so, is the jewerly authentic??

    I'm guessing Ishould go with the rule if it seems too good to be true, it is...:s
  4. Tiffany is only sold directly. They do not allow for third-party vendors.

    Of course, there is nothing stopping a vendor from selling "used" jewelry.
    But given there are sooo many Tiffany fakes out would be too hard to ensure authenticity of real Tiffany merchandise.

    Just isn't worth it IMO.
  5. That's always wise :smile:
  6. The only way I know of is if you know someone who works there, then you can get 30% off when they help you purchase it. Aside from that, not that I know of. But I was looking at at engagement rings and I never knew they sold silver pieces also! Many of them are very similar to Tiffany's pieces but are affordable. Free 1-2 day shipping too!! It sounds pretty appealing but I've never personally purchased from them before so I don't know how it would be. But I have always thought blue nile was a pretty reputable diamond retailer. I wonder if their Tiffany-like items would constitute as "fakes" since its not as if it is from a an unknown commpany. Has anyone here purchased from there?
  7. yes it can be sold cheaper ONLY if it is used :smile:
  8. Tiffany and Co. Never Has Sales. They didn't give a price break to Abraham Lincoln, and they didn't give one to Jackie Kennedy. It's a point of pride for them.
    If you are buying corporate gifts, they are about 10% discount, and employees have 30%.
    If you want cheaper Tiffany, you need to buy used pieces. BE CAREFUL. Many used pieces are fakes. Of course, if you buy a fake, the Tiffany Legal Department is very willing to go after the person who sold it to you.
    Look for less popular designs, and always check the font. As with used purses, if the font is off, the piece is fake. Haunt Tiffanys if you want to see what real Tiffany looks like.
  9. Have you looked at ?? Legit site in NYC....has a storefront but also deals on the can leave an email inquiry and they will contact you. They are a Pricescope sponsor and have a very good reputation.
  10. My boss has a business account and I am authorized on the account so I get 15% off all my purchases. Which comes in handy when hubby needs to go shopping for me .;)
  11. the tiffany jewlery i bought was from john bull in nassau, was cheaper than the states only because of no taxes. john bull is a very reputable store in nassau and the caribbean.
  12. I am not sure about the prices but when we went to Alaska on a cruise last year there were a few stores that sold Tiffany's jewelry but was not an actually Tiffany's store. They also sold other high end jewelry in there. I did not look at the prices to see how they compared since I can get a discount at the actual Tiffany's. Before I saw that I thought Tiffany jewelry was not sold anywhere but at an actual Tiffany's. I would NEVER buy Tiffany's from and On-line site except for of course