Can this vintage Gucci be saved?

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  1. I purchased my first Gucci bag and decided to go vintage because I really like the look of the older bags. I received the bag yesterday and found that the bag has many problems. I did not know that the bag had this many issues when I purchased it and now I am wondering if it is worth keeping. I like the bag but it has the following issues:
    Discolored leather
    Several small pen marks on the canvas
    Yellowing canvas
    Scratches on the bottom corners
    Dry ashy looking leather along the piping and zip pull

    Is there anything I can do to fix it up. I went to my local leather/shoe repair shop and they told me that they can not do navy colored leather:shrugs:. They offered to redo the leather in black but I want to keep it the navy color. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. I would, try working in navy blue (maybe a brand that also feeds the leather) wrork in very thinly, and then keep adding the layers. Leave between in 'layer' for days at a time. I think you have nothing to lose :rolleyes:.

    Also, I would rather have worn navy corners than black ones that will look odd at best ;).
  3. I would suggest phoning a Gucci boutique, NYC and asking them who they recommend to refurbish and old bag. The bag sure is nice.
  4. Did it not mention the wear in the auction? If not I would return it. That would bug me. If it did and you are going to keep it try the shoe polish, but I would just be worried it would rub off on my clothes. Good luck!
  5. I knew about the scratches at the bottom but not the extent. After I paid the seller told me about the discolored handles and didn't tell me at all about the pen markings, discolored leather and dry piping. I thought the bag was going to have a few unnoticeable scratches at the bottom and slightly discolored handles :sad:

  6. Why don't you do a SNAD through paypal and return it?
  7. I love the bag...I have been looking for that color, but I can"t find it anywhere. I would take it to the gucci boutiques and have them work thier magic. Good Luck!
  8. I want to thank everyone for their help.I decided to send the bag back. I took it to a leather expert this morning and he said the leather was no good on the bag.
  9. i have sent bags off for repair before but ONLY through the gucci boutique your SA will be able to tall if it salvageable or not. it sure is a nice bag tho. GOOD LUCK!

  10. I think that is a greatdecision. there are a ton of Vintage Gucci bags in better condition on the bay. Good luck.