Can this tote hold a laptop?

  1. I am looking for a laptop bag that doesn't actually look like a laptop bag (if you know what I mean) Is this tote heavy duty enough to hold one? I have a Dell Latitude D620 (from work). The strap look kind of "thin" though ... it would be great to get an opinion from someone who has this bag!


  2. It seems kind of small for a laptop tote. Plus, since the straps are thin, I'm not sure you want the weight of the laptop in your bag. Just my opinion...cute bag though!
  3. That's what I thought too ... thanks for you reply! :smile:
  4. the tote is small...cute bag btw
  5. I think it would be too small to hold a laptop. Also, what if you get caught in the rain? Nice bag though.
  6. I'm not sure it would make a great laptop bag and the straps are kind of thin so not sure how long it would hold up under heavy use.
  7. I think it would be to small.
  8. Thanks everyone! *on my way to search for another laptop bag ... *:sweatdrop:
  9. I had the same prob.I just got a DELL laptop and found the perfect bag was already in my closet..LOL..It was a Prada nylon tote.Believe it or not..It fot my Dell 15 " laptop PERFECTLY
  10. I've actually been looking for the same thing....My computer is a little smaller than yours though, but I was looking at a prada nylon tote (no zipper though :confused1: ) or one of the new Fendi totes...good luck and lets keep each other posted for ideas!!
  11. I forgot...the other one I kinda like is the chanel cambon shopper tote, cause it's roomier and I could actually fit dvd's, charger, etc...but it's pricier than the others...also I could use that as a purse too of course!!
  12. If it laptop does fit, you'll still have to be very careful because it won't have any padding around it like a laptop bag does. You may want to get a laptop sleeve to put it in if you're going to carry it in a bag that's not made for a laptop. Juicy Couture has some cute laptop sleeves.
  13. Nope~~~~I think the strap will brake because laptop is too heavy!!
  14. i have a hobo (not sure exactly what it's called- it's from 96/97 tom ford?)

    and my laptop fits perfectly in it! it gets kinda cumbersome to put it in bc of the shape, but it's really comfortable once it's in.
  15. Yeah, I will hesitate to put a laptop in there cos it might break the straps. Its a lovely tote though. I have been wanting one in pink!