Can this possibly be a scam?

  1. So I have a listing for a bag on eBay. I get a question through the eBay yellow button and I read it in my inbox:

    I want to know if this is the same item with the item listed at this address: [link removed]

    It's the URL address to an eBay About Me page for eBayer: MissMay81

    So anyway I go to eBay and I logon to my account and I make sure the question actually did come through the eBay system and it's not a fake email, and it is. So I highlight the url included in the email and I put it in the address bar and hit enter. The hyperlink takes me to an eBay logon page and it's asking me to logon. Well that's not good, I would never do that.

    I close that window, and go back to myeBay and I do an advanced search for MissMay81 - which I find through eBay. I got to their feedback history, and I click on the little "me" icon and eBay takes me to a logon page AGAIN!!! But I'm already logged on.

    So what's going on?
  2. This sounds like a scam to get your log in information, then they can access your ebay account & any other accounts for which you use the same password. Do not log in to this site & report the user to ebay immediately, forward to If you have entered your password change it immediately.
  3. Oh I would never enter my password.

    What's odd is that the email IS in my messages in my eBay account, and MissMay81 IS an eBayer that has an aboutme page on eBay. However, I can not view it without eBay asking me to logon.
  4. I had a different scam sent to my Ebay e-mail account recently. Apparently Ebay isn't doining any filtering on them so I just report them and delete.

  5. Wow. That is really odd. I did a member search of MissMay81 while logged into ebay and then clicking on her aboutme page, and it did the same thing. This is scary! I would think about maybe letting ebay know about this.
  6. Oh good, I'm glad I wasn't the only one. It's very odd. I forwarded the email to eBay and asked them to look into that ID and why I needed to logon in order to view their about me page.

    I also responded to the original eBayer who sent the email and told them that I was not able to view the URL they provided and asked them if it was some sort of scam. They emailed me back to say they didn't know what I was talking about and that they never contacted me. But both emails (the original, and their reply to my reply) are sitting in "my messages" in my eBay account.:shrugs:
  7. It looks to me like there might be some account hijacking going on. It's been happening A LOT! Everyday I see countless auctions for fake bags with stolen pictures/descriptions with low buy it now prices and 1 day auctions. I report as many as I can and I'm always confirmed that the account was illegally taken over. So yes, definitely report to ebay. I can't figure out why the first question is in your inbox though if the person is still saying that they never contacted you. :confused1: Their account must be hijacked too, and they are receiving e-mails from ebay with your response? So basically their account is being "shared" with this new squatter. How unfortunate for them. :s Report both accounts.
  8. I just heard from someone that this IS a scam, and the purpose is to hijack your account. I'm going to try to do a live chat with eBay.
  9. I received the same email today.
  10. Close browser, go to Ebay, My Ebay, Login there. Then check for messages. If still too freaky and if you still sense a scam, change your password.
  11. I think a lot of sellers are going to get their accounts hijacked from this scam. Especially because you can search for the members through eBay, and you assume it's safe.:wtf:
  12. That's exactly where the email is - in My Messages on eBay, that's why this is a scary scam.
  13. Scam!
    I've gotten several of those email too.
    Report & delete.
  14. Gosh is there no end to this? These scams are getting more and more scary especially if the message is appearing in your own ebay inbox.

    Good that you are so on the ball and not logged in