Can this LV wallet be used by a woman? or is it only a men's wallet?

  1. I have the Mono 10 CC billet (a man's billfold ) and I use it for when I carry my pochettes and I need a slimmer wallet. Of course it can be a unisex wallet !!! Go for it !!
  2. ITA.
  3. I agree too! This is a great wallet for Pochettes, I love mine.
  4. Yes, you can definitely use it!!
  5. rock it for sure!
  6. hm... it looks manly to me. how a ludlow? I use that for when I carry pochettes.
  7. I have this one but in Damier. I think this wallet is unisex, it is very slim so you can easily put it in your pocket. I really like it!
  8. I have the yellow epi billfold and I too feel it is a little masculine. I recently was handed down the the a mint condition porte tresor from the 90's :yahoo:but I am keeping the epi billfold for those days I am carrying a smaller bag.
  9. I think if you love it then go for it!
  10. This is a pretty masculine piece...but it would be great for throwing in a small purse. If, on the other hand, you were thinking of carrying it in your back's like a guy carrying a MC Speedy - only without the value judgment.
  11. this is a unisex wallet ! go for it !
  12. If you love it, get it! I've been thinking about getting this in damier.
  13. I think it could be used by either man or woman, if you like it, go for it!
  14. I think because it has the monogram it makes it more feminine so a woman could definitely pull it off quite nicely. Not so much the damier though.