can this coach be carried over the shoulder?

  1. I dont own that model, but I have tried on other business totes and yes they can be shoulder bags....just not with big poofy winter coats.
  2. yup u can, click on the "try this bag on" button. shows it over the shoulder as well as hand held.
  3. It can go on the shoulder. I've tried it on at the store.
  4. I seen people with it and it can be carried over the shoulder.
  5. I have this bag in black and yes, I can wear it on my shoulder. I don't think it would fit comfortably w/ a coat or large sweater though. It's very roomy and easy to get in and out of, I use it for work mostly.
  6. Yes :]
  7. Thanks everyone! I love that "try it on" deal...never noticed it before:smile:
  8. yes, it fits perfectly on your shoulder! Enjoy!
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