Can this been cleaned???

  1. Hi,

    Do you think that this bag could be cleaned - it is very old and well used but the handles and bottom are very bad!
    Alma 1.jpg Alma 2.jpg Alma 3.jpg
  2. You could try baby wipes i think that would help.
  3. Thanks - I'd read here that Baby Wipes were good but I didn't know if this bag was passed it?!
  4. I think I would risk it, try very gentle ones and let the bag dry after every round with wipes. And probably do a search before how to moisturize it afterwards!
  5. try baby wipe
  6. I wouldnt worry too much about the bottom, I think you can clean the handles up a fair bit with baby wipes, j you're just going to have to do it a few times and let it dry between, you might also want to get some leather conditioner from appleguard and put that on when you're done as the handles will be a little dry.
    If you decide not to get the appleguard its not a big deal, within a few days of using the bag and the handles get oiled from your hands anyway and will soften up.

    but if the price is right i'd go for it as long as its clean inside.
  7. The baby wipes sure can't hurt! If the price is a steal, I'd go for it , then use this as an everyday bag.
  8. I had a old large Noe and it was over 20 years old, not in bad condition because I always cleaned it and used leather conditioner. But I did take it a few times to the shoe maker to be cleaned. I am not sure what they did but they cleaned the bag and then buffed it and the leather had nice shine. It only cost about 15.00 so it was worth it. Maybe this might be something you want to try.
  9. I think it looks gorgeous the way it is!

    But then again, Im in love with vintage Vuitton!
  10. I like the bag the way it is.

    But if you want to clean it I would also suggest gentle baby wipes.
  11. You can try baby wipes...I had a cerises speedy with less dirt than that and it took about 4 days and about 8 rounds of baby wipes...and it is still not perfectly clean.
    I'm contemplating pulling it out again and retrying with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  12. Let us know whether the baby wipes helped. It would be great if you're able to take an after photo.
  13. Good luck. Hope the Alma comes out looking better.
  14. you can try baby wipes but i don't know if it'll really make that much of a difference.
  15. Yes, I would definitely try the baby wipes and if that don't work, I would try the apple guard.