Can this be true .....Epi Brea?

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  1. Yeah the GM is a hefty price lol.
  2. It is pricey...that's for sure. Do you think it's worth the price compared to others that LV offers that are similar? I wanted to choke when Hubby shelled out almost that much for the Bowling Montaigne in Rubis last summer. However, I have carried that bag so much and I am so happy with it.
  3. Yes, I personally think it's worth it.

    I know for a lot of us, spending over 2000 dollars is a lot of money.

    However, that being said, I'd much perfer to spend that 2000 dollars on a line, such as an Epi or a Vernis because they tend to hold up much better than the canvas (especially the former - incredible craftsmanship and sophistication!) That is the reason that my collection focuses mainly on the Vernis line. I'm slowly starting to transition myself into Epi as well since I have seen some impeccable products dated wayyyy back from the early 90's, and realized how important material is when it comes to purchasing bags (for me at least).

    I still love the monogram, and I still love the Damier...Heck, I love LV in general! But my heart will always, always go out first to the Vernis and now the Epi. :biggrin:
  4. I spend $800 about 4 years ago on a beautiful leather Coach bag. I remember thinking "That's crazy!" However, I didn't get the pleasure (or the wear) out of it that I have my LV. I do have a damier Saleya but I don't carry it very often. I like it a lot, but I carry my epi quite a bit more. My epi looks like it did the day I bought it and I'm not careful with it. It's been rained on, bumped into, parked on the floor. It's still hangig in there with exactly the same look.
  5. I went to LV today wanting to buy the MM size.. sadly they were sold out. I didn't think it'd be that popular!
  6. Has the MM come out in the regular epi already? I was told that the electric MM is coming out in August.
  7. ^ yup, its out in regular epi in MM already. The SA said electric epi is coming out later.
  8. The brea must be a stable style that they believe to be a success and they are introducing it in several lines. Great for sophisticated gals like us!
  9. Saw the epi brea mm today. Was ready to make the purchase; just so in love with this LV style. But when I zipped it open and then tried to zip it close I had a difficult time (scraping my fingers and knuckles on the hardware located on the somewhat rigid frame). Trying to convince myself I can live with the bag unzipped. My SA informed me that other potential customers made the same comment. Anybody with similar experiences?
  10. I had expressed a similar concern above (see # 66). I don't think I could live with it open because it seems to gap too much. On another board, someone who has a Brea MM in the Vernis said that it isn't a problem. My concern was that the zipper seems to go over the edge quickly and it takes two hands to pull it back around to close it. I would think it would soften up just a little but I don't know. My epi has.
  11. anyone in this forum have this bag yet? i have been looking for pics like crazy!
  12. I looked at the Brea MM in red yesterday in the store. It is a beautiful bag and perhaps a potential new purchase down the road! I like the fact that you can use the strap or carry it. I was sort of rushed for time in the store, so I didn't check out the zipper and the insides of the bag. Hopefully the zipper is not a problem.

    I would also love to see pics if anyone has them! For those of you who own the bag, what do you think of it so far?
  13. I love the strap option too! There is something chic about an arm bag, but for serious shopping, I like being able to put my bag over my shoulder.
  14. The Ivorie GM has my name written all over it!