Can this be true .....Epi Brea?

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  1. I've heard from another thread that the Epi Brea will come out in April. i love the combination. Can someone give me more information, like what colors, sizes and price? Also post pics if u have it. TIA!
  2. oh no... that sounds like a bid dent in the ol' cc to me....
  3. No pics but the Brea is coming out in Epi. I think in Rubis, Black and White and in all 3 sizes as well.
  4. ^^ In epi electric too I think:smile:
  5. I know that it's coming out in Electric Epi as well.

    The info that I got from my SA yesterday was this -

    Epi Brea MM and GM in Noir, Ivorie and Rubis. $1330 USD and $1520 USD.
    Electric Epi Brea is in MM and GM sizes. $1650 and $1815 USD.

    Credits to LA @ Thebaglounge.
  6. I am not an Epi lover but the Brea in Epi, ohh gorgeous!
  7. I think the Epi Brea is nicer than the Vernis Brea.
  8. ^mm.don't like the vachetta/vernis combo on the vernis brea.
  9. Wow this is exciting. Can't wait to see it in real life
  10. Thanks glamourdoll for posting pics and info. Thanks everyone for your insight. Can't wait to see the bag IRL!!
  11. oh no, my bank account cant handle this
  12. Very pretty!
    I wonder when there will be a new exciting epi color?
  13. Oooh I like it! Thanks for pics glamourdoll.
  14. ITA! I was just talking about this with my SA too. She said they give the company feedback on what customers say about the bags, and the customers were more hesitant to buy the Brea in Vernis because of the vachetta! Maybe they'll change it? But I do love the Epi Brea!
  15. I agree too!
    The Brea doesn't really appeal to me for some reason...and I was thinking it was because of the vachetta? I'm not sure, because I like the Vernis Rosewood and it has vachetta...


    the Epi Brea looks...different for some reason!
    Too bad it's only for MM/GM; I would've loved to see what the PM looks like if they made it into production!