Can this be Repaired?

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  1. Hi everyone =) I am extremely interested in this KS bag someone has for sale, however as you can see the turnlock is very scratched up and therefore was priced lower. The seller says it can be buffed, is it true? Thanks so much for your help in advance ^_^

  2. I really do not think that can be repaired without diminishing the original shine. I think you would be able to sand it down but it would give off a matte finish and no longer be shiny.
  3. Thanks for your help ksgator! I also think the same way. Gonna pass on it then. Too bad, it is a really nice bag!
  4. It could be buffed but the gold is only a super thin layer and its silver underneath. It'd still be quite shiny just silver
  5. I agree with what everyone else had said, it may damage the finish and the colour. I'd try an outlet because I've seen these bags there as part of their clearance and you could get a brand new one at a reasonable price!