Can this be found during Gucci's sale?

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  1. I've never been to their boutique during a sale; actually, I haven't been there in a long while, definitely over a year.

    But for the sale, as this is in their classic category, could this be bought at the sale? Or is it long gone from that?

    In the brown though. I keep searching on eBay and posting in the authenticate this thread but they are all fake! I just don't want to spend full retail... if it IS at the sale, how much would it be?
  2. it will not be at the sale...!!!

    SORRY!!! but it is one of the most popular bags and there is no way in hell they will put it on sale!!!

    i think if u want u should get the smaller version, it's cheaper and still holds a TON!!! i mean A TON!!! ive even put magazines and water bottles in there!
  3. Lovenotspoiled is a 100% right on this one. This bag will not be on sale this year, nor if ever...:crybaby:
  4. sorry to jack your thread...

    what about this or in brown trim?

  5. nooooooooo not for sale :sad: there is a list of sale items in the other gucci sale info thread
  6. The rose trim is on sale at the Gucci boutique, not the brown.
  7. I went today and they said it wasn't on the list! I'm so upset...:crybaby:
    The brown one is not in stock either.
  8. I picked up the medium red leather and agree the medium does hold a ton.
  9. I want this in the pink trim so badly, please let me know if anyone finds it on sale! Thanks.
  10. Does it come with the charm too? Cute!
  11. Yup it does, I was kind of contemplating whether I should get the brown or pink trim....even if it's not on sale I want one anyway. The pink trim is cute for the summer but I think the brown one is more versatile.