Can this be fixed?

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  1. The edges of my Tharpe straps are starting to get cracked all over (I don't know what they are called I guess it is edges...the binding/finishing stuff if that makes sense...same stuff as on the edges of the strap on my Havanas and Lorca). I am so sad, as my Tharpe is my favorite HH bag ever...of course it gets used the most so it is starting to show wear which is expected, but I hate this cracking on the handles... Is this something that can even be repaired? I buy and resell so many bags that I usually don't have them for long enough to wear them enough for this to happen.
  2. Do you have a shoe place you trust? You might ask there. I don't know if redoing the edge coating would help of it the handles are just so worn / stretched that a new coating would crack. You'd probably have to get the old stuff off - maybe glue together any layers that had seperated and then do the coating. I was going to experiment with this stiff on an old bag I had but it went to the thrift store.,Brown,4oz/
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