Can this be fixed? Thoughts on Secret Compact Empriente wallet leather-

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  1. I bought a Secret Compact Wallet in Orage Empriente second-hand. It is used, and was clearly well loved. Despite these spots, it's in fantastic shape. I got the box and the little authenticity card thing (about the leather) and the dustbag. She no longer had the receipt.

    When I received it, I noticed on the "spine" or fold or whatever the outer edge is, that there's a few small "scrapes" on the leather in a couple spots. Not horrible, but definitely there. Like they'd hit something abrasive, perhaps keys or it fell on the ground or something. The glazing is in great shape, zippers, too. Especially considering this is easily 3 years old, and long discontinued. In all the photos I saw/got of this piece prior to the purchase, I didn't zoom in closely enough to see this beforehand (but now that I have it and zoomed in on those photos, its definitely there in the photos so it's not her fault at all, totally mine.)

    I can't return it, but I got a damn good deal on this thing, at least I think so, so part of me is on the fence about whether it's worth fixing, because I don't use my ZCW at all due to fears of any damage. This has been well loved, so maybe I can get over those fears with this one. But at the same time I am hoping this is something LV can fix, like maybe a reglaze? Is that even possible at this point considering this color and piece are so long discontinued? From what I found prior to buying it, Orage is 2012 or 2013 collection, and the Secret Wallet is gone since 2014 (?).


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  2. looks like scuffs on the leather -- you can cover them with shoe polish/cream and they will look much better -- congrats on this wallet - wish I had something in Emp. Orage - great color!
  3. +1
  4. Excellent, glad to hear it's something I can conceal. Any recs on which shoe cream to use? THANK YOU!

    This is my first piece of Empriente, and my first foray into preowned. I did a TON of research on this to be sure it was the real deal, and I was a little nervous about this. But it checks out and I am psyched! I still want a Key Pouch but since they're not in any rush to put out anything Navy or Eggplant in Empriente, I am pretty pleased with this item!
  5. You could take it to a cobbler or shoe repair - they usually have a better selection of shoe polish creams with more color selection -- I've also found hard to find colors on ebay.
  6. Oh I hadn't thought about that. I will have to see if there are any good cobblers in the ritzier areas here. I haven't had any luck near where I live, which is more blue collar.

    Thank you!