Can This Be Done?

  1. I have a really cute black sig duffle and the strap is WAY to is driving me crazy lol can you buy another strap from coach? If I do not change this strap I may end up getting rid of the purse and I really dont want to get rid of is brand new and I do love it...HELP:crybaby:
  2. You'd have to call CS and ask... I've never seen anyone do it, but anything is possible.
  3. Is it one of the duffles where the strap can be worn dubbled? Or do you already have it dubbled and it's still too long? Hope you can figure this out, it's horrible getting rid of something you love.
  4. it is a single strap,it has 3 holes and it is in the last hole and it is still really if i wear it criss cross over my body it is fine but i really dont like to do that,it makes me feel like i am wearing a seatbelt....
  5. ...or a cross-your-heart bra? I hate that feeling, too.

    I don't know if Coach could offer you a different strap but I bet that a leather shop could shorten it for you and only you would know the difference. It might be worth looking in to.
  6. yeah, I would call coach or email them.
  7. I've called for clients before and last time I heard they do not sell extra straps. If you give me the style # I can tell you if the strap is one that can be shortened. Usually the duffles and crossbodys can be depending on which collection it is.
  8. Can I get you to post a picture of the bag and strap? When I worked at the outlet all of our duffle straps were doubled (like someone else mentioned), so they were short. One reason people liked them was because you had the option to undo it and wear it longer as a crossbody style if you wanted to. I have a feeling yours could be doubled up and then your problem would be solved!

    Both sides of the bag have a buckle right? Where the strap fits through? All you do is take the strap off completely. fold it in half (not creasing of course, but just bending it) and then take the two ends of the strap and lace them through the buckle on one side. Ignore the little pin thing that you would normally push through a hole (like on a belt), the straps will just cover that up, with one half of the strap being in front of it, and the other half behind it, so you won't be able to see it at all. Then take the strap ends and lay them together one on top of the other, so the holes match up, then thread them through the buckle on the other side of the bag, just like you normally would, pushing the belt-pin thing (sorry, don't know the name for it *L*) through the holes, then push the two ends underneath the bar on the bottom of the buckle (again, just like a belt) and you should be good to go.

    Sorry I couldn't word this better, I hope it makes sense!