Can this be cleaned up??

  1. Hi Everyone

    Do you think this graffiti speedy can be cleaned up ok... do you think it is worth $750, the outside of it is 90% ok, and the inside is clean, its just the handles are sooo dirty. What do you think??

  2. Bump anyone please, I would value your opinions
  3. I don't know, but would love to know if they can be cleaned and if so, how
    the handles of my speedy are dirty to! (not that dirty though..)
    I hope somebody can answer your question, or maybe you can try the topic about cleaning lv's?
  4. Im not an expert..but i dont think you can clean that patina..goodluck though :smile:
  5. I'm not too familiar with the graffiti, but can you have the bag re-leathered? I'm not sure you could clean those handles that well.
  6. I was wondering about having it releathered, but maybe it would just be better to buy one which was not so dirty ... hmmm

    What is the going rate for a khaki speedy these days ... not too sure ??
  7. Sure! You could use Apple Garde leather cleaner. Some people say that Baby wipes work well too - but I've never tried those!
  8. Hmm, I'm not sure. But it would cost around $300+ to get all the leather parts replaced, if I'm not mistaken. I would prefer to get one in better condition, since I'm pretty fussy about my bags. :p
  9. i would have it re-leathered and make it look like new :smile:
  10. Get handles replaced. I've heard it really makes the bag look completely new again.
  11. You could clean them but it wouldn't help a ton being that dark already. I would say new handles.
  12. The only way to fix that is to get the vachetta replaced, and that would cost around $200+...I'd rather just buy one that's in better shape!

    Cleaning will not get that dark patina off.
  13. Cleaning will not make it look like new. I have a cerises speedy that had dirty handles. I tried so hard to get it like new...but it didn't work. I'm contemplating having the handles & chads replaced...or selling and paying the extra money for one in better condition.