can they....?

  1. Plisse a Mousseline? I'd LOVE to have it done, and I know you can buy pleated silk chiffon fabric, so surely they can plisse a mousse?

    Anyone know?
  2. I have no idea but if they say no i know a great place which pleats fabric. they have 100's of different types of pleats. I dont know whether you would want to risk it with an H item though? good luck!
  3. Which one do you want to plisse?
  4. I have seen one on eBay. Dont know if it was after market though......
  5. Groovy...I'm gonna ask over the weekend and get back to you guys....Rose, I'm not sure which one, yet! LOL - might have to buya new one to do it....bummer....LOL!
  6. GF, technically speaking that can definetly be done.