Can these marks be cleaned from Speedy handle?

  1. I am thinking about buying this Speedy 25 from ebay, but I'm not sure if the marks on the handle would bother me. Does it look like it could be cleaned? The stains kind of look embedded in the leather. Then again, once a darker patina develops, will the stains be less noticeable? Aside from the handle, the bag is in excellent condition. Would it be worth spending $400 on it? I would appreciate any advice.
    IMG_0610-2.jpg IMG_0609-1.jpg
  2. Did the seller say what kind of stains they are? If they are ink you are SOL but if it's dirt of some sort, you could try using baby wipes.:idea:
  3. I just had my handles replaced (they called and my bag's ready - I get to pick it up tonight - yea!) - but it cost $145.00. You can always go that route, but I don't know - if you add that to the cost, it's almost a new speedy. I would ask her what the stains are, but for that much, I think you might be able to find one in better shape. The Speedy 25s come up a little more often than the 30s. It's really pretty otherwise!
  4. It could be lotion/cream. If it's anything other than dirt, you pretty much can't remove it I think.