Can these be friends?

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  1. Or do I need to maybe sell the ring? Referring to the Rolex & the Love ring.

    I'm not used to mixing things.

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  2. I don’t like them together. I have the same issue when I wear my SS Daytona instead of my YG Daytona with my YG Love ring and other jewelry. I think yellow and pink gold can mix nicely but to me white gold and platinum doesn’t go with gold. I actually ended up selling my Platinum Day Date and plan to purchase a YG because of this too. Just my opinion!
  3. That’s not my style but I also don’t hate it. There is a certain casualness to mixing different metals, which I appreciate.
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  4. OK, thanks! Were I to sell it, where should I try to do that? I have the certificate and what not ... reticent to do eBay. It's a size 60.
  5. Also, an option B...

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  6. Your Panthere ring :love::love::love:

    I my eye has trouble with mixed metals too.
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  7. I think they can be friends. You have to love both and be comfortable rocking them together. It’s totally a personal preference.
  8. I’m a fan of mixing metals, but not a fan of the watch with the ring.

    The panthere ring is lovely by the way.
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  9. Yup.

    Mixing Metals? 10/10, would recommend.