Can the zipper validate authenticity?

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  1. Hi There,

    Sorry if this has been addressed already. I did a search, but maybe not a very good one and am impatient (with myself) and tired. :s

    Does anyone know, is there a way to identify from the zipper on an LV, the authenticity of the item? I know that on Marc Jacobs bags, there is a stamp (it probably is the zipper manufacturer's name) on the back of the zippers which pretty much means it's authentic.

    I have an authentic bag and I am trying to compare it with some items I bought from eBay before. I am totally scrutinizing everything, to compare. Then, I noticed that the zipper on the bag I purchased from the boutique looks slightly different. The back of it (or bottom of it, the part which faces inside the bag or wallet or other item with a zipper), not the pull, but the main part, has a circular stamp. Also, the part of the zipper which runs vertical to the zipper, has no marks, but the other questionable bag has marks on it. That is, it's the part which you see when the bag is open, but when you close it, you normally don't see it. Say if you look at the zipper as 2 flat pieces, it's the part that's vertical and between the 2. Hope that makes sense.

    I'm wondering if maybe Louis Vuitton uses various zipper manufacturers, and therefore the zippers may have some slight differences.

  2. that's a good question, maybe someone can answer this?

    i'd think that even for fakes, the zipper won't be too hard to 'create', afterall, it's just plated with the logo on it..
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