Can the Suhali Lockit take a beating?

  1. Hi gurls.

    Now I am looking at the Suhali Lockit PM and was wondering if it can stand up to everyday wear and tear?:wlae:
  2. well ultimately YES...
    you can take even the softest baby lambskin and rub it on cement and that leather WILL take the beating, ANY leather will. The question is do you actually want to keep the leather looking NICE and NOT worn out? There's a difference between 'how well a bag can take the beating' (which ANY bag can) and the APPEARANCE of a bag.... cuz I take that when you meant everyday kinda bag, you plan on putting it on the floor, on the snow, under the rain...etc.

    Oh ya, I just wanted to add that a while back, I saw a woman with a Birkin..... and that bag looked like HELL..... It was in such bad shape that if I were the owner, I'd feel really embarrassed to carry it... I mean, even if it's an Hermes bag, I personally would not feel very luxurious carrying that 'thing'........
  3. for everyday.. the black might be better so u cant see the dirt as easily as the white one..
  4. CEC.LV4eva, I can count on you being REAL. No, I just meant daily use, to work, school, market. It is worth purchasing the wallet or will it just be a wknd bag? (movies, dinner, visiting)
  5. Eekk.. Just seeing "Suhali Lockit" and "beating" in the same sentence makes me cringe... its such a gorgeous bag!! :search:
  6. I think it's BEST to use Suhali bags as more of a going out/weekend bag :yes: I mean, using it everyday WILL get tears and stains on it and sometimes you'll have no choice other than putting it on the bathroom floor or sometimes accidentally spilling coffee/juice on it. Then again, if you don't mind, then you go get that bag girl! lol
  7. is there any way to clean the suhali bag? if it gets stains or dirt?

  8. Thank you. I will have it before xmas. OK, I will carry it on the weekends and with the extra $ for the matching wallet, I will get the speedy 35 for daily use. (Now, I am carrying my MC Noe).


  9. Sorry about that ShoppingPrincess. I just meant daily use to work (in and out of my desk drawer, school, market). Please forgive me.

  10. I think it can be used for everyday. I don't think many gals on here beat their bags! LOL I'm sure you'll take good care of it to use for everyday.
  11. I want one SOOOO bad! Maybe one day!
  12. dell, one day will be sooner than you probably think:wlae:

  13. CEC.LV4eva, you always make me laugh, I love your outlook on things!!!
    Back to topic, I would think the Suhali is made to last but I would get black so that way you don't notice any dirt or jeans rub off, etc. Good luck! :smile: