Can the suede on the Onatah be professionally cleaned?

  1. I am interested in a Maise Onatah MM--the price is excellent, and I love the size, which I think is now discontinued--but it has a good amount of surface dirt. I was wondering if anyone knows if the purse can be cleaned?
  2. You should be. It's suede. I'd call LV and ask though.
  3. Since it is suede, one would think that it should be able to be professionally-cleaned. However, as Kathyrose said, please call LV first to find out what they would recommend for cleaning.
  4. This suede has a deffect, one of the pf member returned this bag already. The suede was fuzzing up :wtf:. Also Dickies a LV SA :heart: said that many of his clients came back to complaint about it, he has to take back the bag. So I would avoid the onatha at least the suede one.
  5. Thanks, MiroirPrincess, that narrows down my choices!