Can the Steady be Worn on the Shoulder???

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  1. Can anyone who owns a steady let me know if it can be worn on the shoulder? Is the drop the same as a MA? TIA!!!
  2. I saw a girl wearing a Night Steady on my commute home today from Penn Station!! She was wearing the shoulder strap part though .... but it looked oh so chic!! AND she had a cute RM scarf tied around the handle part!!

    I totally wanted to say something to her but she was on her cell at the time then I had to run to catch my train of course....
  3. You can but it is quite uncomfortable as the top closure of the bag is wide and hard. It kept digging into my side.
  4. cig0408 posted pics wearing her steady on her shoulder in another thread. It looks good on her shoulder, but she did mention it slips off
  5. Hi There! I own it as Desi mentioned and it does slip off. Fiona is also correct that since the top is wide and stiff it is not so comfy. BUT the shoulder strap totally makes up for it. I wear it 50% there and the other 50% on my forearm. I get so many compliments. On the shoulder with the handles hides the beauty of the the bag cause your arm is over it. Rock that puppy in your hand or on your arm. Its a great bag. I HIGHLY recommend! And even though the bag dimension wise is about the same as the MAB it seems like room wise instead it is a little bigger than the MAM. My MAB didn't come yet so I can't truly compare all 3 yet. But I figured the Steady would be even bigger instead than the MAM and its not really. But still PLENTY of room for me!
  6. Thanks ladies for all your responses! I am seriously considering getting one of these babies! :yes:
  7. You should!! It's beautiful =)