Can the Spa treatment fix the peeling on the edge?

  1. Please see my pic. there is some sort of.. the leather is not really peeling off but looks like the seal at the edge has been wore off due by normal usage.

    Will a spa treatment fix that?
    IMG_4705.JPG IMG_4706.JPG
  2. I'm sure H can fix it, I haven't sent a bag for a spa treatment, so I can't comment on what a normal H spa treatment includes. To be on the safe side I would specifically mention that you want this fixing when you take the bag in, so it doesn't get missed. Good Luck!
  3. Yes but you have to ask for this job beeing done specifically , and make sure they actually write it on the slip.
  4. you can always ask
  5. I hope so because my 35 CDC is there now for Spa and I have the same issues. What I did was take a photo of each area of the bag that needs attention. I included them with the bag when I sent it to NYC. It's not back yet, so I am anxious to see if it all gets done per instructions.
  6. Good idea, Kallie. I assumed the craftsperson would examine the bag for problems, in addition to the specific requests, but I guess they are so busy.
  7. The store manager should be able to tell you if it's fixable. If they believe it is, they will write out a very detailed work-order outlining what needs to be looked at. This is where you'll be helpful in telling them exactly what needs to be done. Then off it goes to Paris (unless you live in Manhattan, where they have an on-site person who can often fix things there). Where I love (Toronto), all items have to go to Paris for repairs, and it takes forever to get them back (I waited a full 3 months for a strap to be fixed, which they actually ended up replacing for me, with no charge!). How old is your bag?
  8. Actually i just noticed for my wallet which had a spa treatment recently.. the craftman put in some new seal at the edge and fixed the peeling issue.
  9. This is truly normal wear and tear. I don't think it looks bad at all, but I'm sure they can fix. My shoe guy cleaned up one of my bags a while back, and made these edges look like new. I think he charged me $15.

  10. Brilliant!!!!!!
  11. Hi ChloeSS, you can send a wallet for spa treatment? May I ask how much do they charge. My DH's wallet has a very broken stitches, do you know if they will fix it at the spa?
  12. i sent my wallet and ask to fix the broken stiches in Hong Kong. They charge HKD1900 (around USD243) for this. I think it is too expensive, so I did not need this fixed.

    They clean the leather and charge HKD900 (USD120) which is ok for me.

    FYI. Hong Kong has a residence craftman. So we dont need to send the bags back to Paris most of the time which should save the transportation cost. Thus if your local H stores do not have a residence craftman, it would be more expensive. My guess.
  13. Looks like waxing will do the trick. I had it done for the straps on one of my bags and it turned out beautifully.
  14. Thanks for the info. is very useful!!!:biggrin:
  15. When I brought my Birkin in for spa last summer (it's black), I made specific requests. The craftsman at Madison did an incredible job and went above and beyond what I'd asked. I was charged $250 for the cleaning, polishing and light leather repair. Repairs I requested on the hardware were free of charge.