can the same style bags have the same..

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  1. serial numbers??

    i bought a Chanel White caviar Cabas Tote on ebay after authenticating it on this forum
    eBay Australia: NEW CHANEL LARGE WHITE CABAS CAVIAR LEATHER TOTE BAG (item 160046490929, end time 07-Nov-06 08:58:06 AEDST)

    but the seller is selling another cabas with the same serial number
    eBay: NEW CHANEL LARGE WHITE CABAS CAVIAR LEATHER TOTE BAG (item 160054190408 end time Nov-27-06 10:07:14 PST)

    My box i received is white instead of black as in the pictures.

    The bag looks to real and of excellent quality to be a fake.
    Can anyone shed some light and pointers of what i should be looking for in the cabas caviar.

    I''ll try and post some pictures in a few hours

    Thanks heaps
  2. I always thought this seller to be trustworthy! :yes: Maybe she is just re-using the same listing and same pics for the auction! Don't panick!

    And about the white box.. my SA once told me that sometimes certain Chanel bags come to them in the white boxes and not the black ones.
    Hope that helps you a little! :tender: But it will be good to hear wat other members have to say..
  3. yes.. i think you are right about reusing the same listing.

    i've just checked and the serial number is different to that of the listing

    Woo~~ am i relieved
    Thanks again for your help
  4. Thank Goodness!! You got a great bag!!