Can the Saleya PM be carried on the shoulder???

  1. I am contemplating a Saleya PM, but it's important to me that it can be carried on the shoulder. I'm a petite person, 5'1" approx 100 lbs. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Since you are petite, you should be able to wear the Saleya PM on your shoulder. However, it might be a tight fit if you're wearing a heavier jacket or coat. I'd recommend trying the bag on at your local LV store just to ensure that the bag looks and feels comfortable on your shoulder. I own a Damier Azur Saleya PM and wear mine strictly as a hand carried bag.
  3. I think it would fit no problem! It's such a great bag- you'd love it!
  4. That's great advice, but I called and my store doesn't have it in either the Damier Ebene or Damier Azur :sad:. I figure that I'll be using the bag strictly in the summer so I won't be wearing a coat or heavy sweater with it. It's back up on Elux so I wanted to grab one while it was available.

  5. You should be fine then. If for some reason you don't care for the bag, you can always return it to Elux. Elux has a generous return policy, much longer than the standard 14-day return policy at the LV stores or boutiques. Here's hoping that the Saleya PM works out for you :yes:
  6. Woohoo! Thanks, I just ordered it. Can't wait to see if it works :wlae:.
  7. I tried on the Saleya PM today and to tell you the truth, it does fit over the should but doesn't have much room. I bought the MM in azur in exchange of my NF MM!:crybaby:

    I am about 5"3 and about 110 lbs. I think MM is better and plus you have more room in between the bag (zipper part) and ur armpit

    Hope that helps:p
  8. Congratulations on ordering the Saleya PM, emilykj. Which one did you order, Azur or Damier?
  9. my height is same as yours, excepted I weight 95lbs.
    The damier saleya pm fits perfectly for me.
  10. I was considering the MM, but the measurements of the bag itself seem a bit big for me. The PM measurements are perfect.

    I hope you enjoy your Azur Saleya MM!!!
  11. I ordered the Azur. I really want an Azur piece, and originally went for the Speedy because it was available on Elux and seemed like a real bargain (my first Speedy purchase). But when I received it, I didn't like that the canvas wasn't lined...the smell of the bag reminded me of those cheap Halloween costumes from the 80s that came w/ the face mask, KWIM? So, I'm exchanging that for the Saleya (my first choice but Elux didn't have them at the time).

  12. That's awesome, thanks! I'm hoping it'll work as both a shoulder and handheld, kinda like my Manahattan PM.
  13. I'm 5'2, 110 lbs and I have the Azur Saleya PM. The size is perfect that it can be used it as hand bag or shoulder bag~! Although one of the handles kept falling off from my shoulder... I still love it :p
    plus.. I got so many compliments~! :yahoo: