Can the RM Morning After Mini be Worn Over The Shoulder?

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  1. Can the Morning After Mini be worn over the shoulder or is it a tight fit? Is the width of the bag too wide to be worn under the arm?

    I am an over the shoulder type but also want to be able to hold the bag like a traditional purse. I love the practicality of the bag's design but that is the one thing holding me up from buying one.

  2. It fits under my shoulder no problem - but I'm on the slender side. from what I've read around here, though, no one so far has had any problems with this.

    The bag does collapse, but the bottom on the bag is kinda stiff, so it doesn't exactly compress. It does a little, but not totally flat. But for me it's not uncomfortable, and I am very choosy about how bags fit on my shoulder.

    I also love the look of the bag handheld - the reason I bought this style was because I saw a girl walking down the street with bag in hand and it looked great.
  3. OK, ~*Thank You*~ !!!

  4. I can wear it over my shoulder no problem, and I'm six foot tall. The only problem is that it doesn't fit on my shoulder with a heavy coat even though it fits great without..
  5. I'm 5'4" 130 pounds and I can wear it over the shoulder, even with a coat on.
  6. I can wear it over my shoulder without a problem with and without a coat. The bag does compress, and the bottom softens up with use. However, if you have it stuffed to the brim, it will be boxy under your arm if worn over the shoulder.
  7. Thank You and Thank You to Imasadgiraffe - I was wondering too about the bag's bottom and the fit of the straps on outerwear :flowers: